Barnet away – 06/05/17

We looked forward to this game because last time we went to Barnet we had lots of inflatables and enjoyed it very much!

This time though Barnet banned the inflatables but GTFC fans thought of something even better!! We raised £1000 to hire Mariachi band Beato Burrito! With lots of telephone calls and emails and things Barnet let them in! We even decided to have a Mexican theme which meant lots of us went to the game with sombreros – it was lots of fun!

The bar area at The Hive was brilliant and new so we all waited in there for the band to arrive and once they did it was really good!


They played some well known music songs as well as Town songs too, everybody was smiling and enjoying it.

We went into the stand to watch the game, last time we went it was a little terrace but this time it was a big seating stand. The game wasn’t very good though and by half time we were 2-0 down and not looking like scoring!

In the 2nd half the band came into the stand to carry on our Mexican party – despite the score and performance Town fans were still enjoying themselves. Could we be the 1st ever football supporters in the U.K to have a mariachi Band in the stand?

The game itself finished 3-1 with legend Craig Disley getting a goal unmarked from a corner. We really hope he stays, he loves the club and still plays well!!

We won’t remember the performance but we will remember the atmosphere in the stands. The news went worldwide and fans have even raised £1000 for the disabled supporters club – how ace is that??

We hope we have lots more good away days next season and looking forward to visiting a few new grounds!


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