Player of the year

Last night we went to the player of the year at the Beachcomber. We didn’t expect as many people as last year but it was packed!

All of the players were there and it was good to see them all smiling. Russell Slade made them all drink soft drinks so not so sure they were all happy with that!

Danny Andrew was the big winner with 9 trophies. He started the season slower than Zak Mills (who also won) but he has got stronger and better as the season has gone on.

We were very lucky last night also! Harry presented the Internet Mariners POTY to Zak Mills and me (Kieran) and Kloe presented the Family Lounge POTY award to Danny Andrew! He had to carry his trophies home in 2 big boxes haha!

It didn’t stop there though because we also won a trophy!! We didn’t know until the man said “Not 1 but 3 winners!” That we had won the Supporters of the year award! We were very shocked and very happy!

We are going to share it a month each so that it is fair.

After the awards we had our pictures taken with some players and with Matt Dannatt – a good reporter that is leaving the Grimsby Telegraph.

#CaptainLeaderLegend Craig ‘Dizza’ Disley also won a special trophy from the supporters club. We love him and want him to stay!! We will always remember being on the pitch with him at Braintree last season.

You can see above we were surprised!
Thank you again and look out for our blog on Barnet away and also our interview with John McDermott!!


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