Well that wasn’t good!

So we are just back from Crewe (our 1st visit) and we don’t know what to say. 

How can the same team and same formation play so differently? Conceding so early and so softly had us worried and every attack we were worried that we would concede a goal – not good!!  At half time it was 4-0 and could have been more if not for James McKeown.

740 Mariners were there but less the half probably saw the start of the 2nd half. It was cold, the performance bad and we couldn’t blame them.

3 changes at the start of the 2nd half saw us start with a more 4-4-2 formation for the final 45 minutes. We didn’t look as over run but then at 4-0 Crewe didn’t need to push forward.

We said towards the end that at least we might get a point out of the 2nd half but nope they scored before the end 🙈

It sums it up when the most exciting thing was seeing the fish & chip van outside.

Why are we sponsored by Youngs but don’t have something like this? Almost as crazy as the 1st 30 minutes on the pitch.

Fans were right to be upset at the end but sometimes the stuff that was said doesn’t help. We feared the worst when Marcus Bignot came over. He apologised fair enough but it could have turned nasty.

When all said and done though, we are Grimsby Town fans. We can’t be anything else and we’re still Football League.

Only Mini Mariner Kieran will be at Newport because of the half term holidays. Hopefully a few of you will be there too!?


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