Long trip to Exeter

On Saturday we took the long long trip to Exeter! It felt like it took forever but it actually took about 5 hours.

The stadium is right near the town centre and very easy to find. We had to park in a car park and we saw the team coach trying to find somewhere too!

We went into Exeters social bar as the turnstiles weren’t open, everybody was friendly and we had some chips!

When the team sheet came out a man gave us one so we knew early who would playing. It was good to see Zac Mills in the starting line up.

When we went to the turnstiles stewards were all very friendly, which we are not always used to seeing! They also had this nice sign on the door.

When we went in the ground was old and quite like some grounds we went to last season. The stand opposite our uncovered away end was a very big covered terrace with an nice view behind it and a love heart on the standing area.

We did think it was very strange why there was such a big space in front of us to the pitch but we had to struggle through the steps when more people came in??

345 people made the trip, some were exiles so more local for them. We met up with some of our friends so that was good!

The game itself wasn’t great we didn’t play as good as we know we can but Exeter did play some football. Their striker that they got from Plymouth Reuben Reid missed some good chances so maybe that is why they are near the bottom? He was subbed and the home fans didn’t like that!

Overall getting a point is better then none and something to help the long journey back! 

Will we see you all in Cambridge!


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