Mascots – Worth it?

Ask the kids when they’re kicking a ball about on the Blundell Park pitch, meeting their idols in the dressing room, running out to the roar of the Pontoon or lining up for a pre match picture on the centre circle and the answer will always be YES!

Ask the parents if they want to fork out £160 for their child and the answer won’t be quite so enthusiastic! 

So what do you get for £160 then??

  • Full kit of your choice
  • Certificate signed by the promotion winning gaffer
  • Lead the teams out with your favourite player
  • Bio in the superb match day programme – you get a copy too
  • Main stand tickets for the game
  • Goodie bag with all sorts in
  • Behind the scenes pics you can purchase and help the youth team

When you look at the list is what you get worth the money?? It could be borderline. Look at the pictures, see the smiles and hear the stories….. That makes it all worthwhile.

All 3 Mini Mariners have been looked after by John,the mascot lookerafterer, in fact if you’ve been a mascot in the last 30 years it’s likely John has looked after you.  Pretty sure they’ll be back for more next season!

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