Visit to Boston United

Yesterday 2 of the Mini Mariners travelled to Boston United for our friendly. Harry stayed in Grimsby as he has a friendly of his own to play in.

It was a very hot night yet over 200 Mariners travelled down the A16 to watch a game that ended 1-1.

Boston scored in the 1st half with a good goal in front of us and ‘Tom’ hit the woodwork for us but we just didn’t get going. Paul Hurst made some changes and we played better with Vose scoring our goal, again in front of the Mariners fans.

Today was a 1st for the Mini Mariners as we used Periscope so that other people could watch it. We had loads of viewers with nearly 150 at one point. We even had a viewer from Boston USA!! They didn’t have a clue what was going on though!!

We are working on making the next one better and the kids will answer the questions as they pop up if they feel brave enough. We have a poll on our Twitter account to see if this would be popular so please vote! @minimariners 

There will also be action shots going into our Instagram account too!

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