Interview with Ashley Chambers

Well guys what a 1st visit to the Linden Homes Club, the home of local side Cleethorpes Town.  

We were lucky enough that Ashley Chambers could spare his time to answer your questions. This interview is now on our You Tube channel here: Interview with GTFC player Ashley Chambers the sound is a little low in places but we’ll think you agree that the Mini Mariners have put together a superb effort in asking questions, filming and editing their 1st interview of many to come!  

Questions asked in order:

Questions as follows:

Has your career gone in the direction you’d hop since last here?

Who is the best player you’ve played with and against?
Is there a different feeling around a team threatened with relegation compared to a team on the up?
What is your favourite goal celebration?
What is your honest opinion of your last stint with us?
How many goals do you want to score this season?
Will you get a 3 fish tattoo if we get promoted this season?
What game are you looking forward to, which one aren’t you looking forward to and why?

PlayStation or Xbox
Chicken Nuggets or Fish Fingers

Books or Movies

Tea or Coffee

Winter or Summer

Chinese or Indian

Cardio or Weights

iPhone or Android

Fruit or Veg

Chocolate or Sweets

Messi or Ronaldi
Was your question used and did you get the answer you thought you would, let us know.

We have lined up legends John McDermott and Kevin Donovan as well as many current players. So if you have any questions for them please do get in touch!

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